i cannot tell, i do not know

ict, idnk graphic diary

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A graphic diary portraying the music of 'i cannot tell, i do not know' through figures, representing a dialogue of thoughts and emotions as the lockdown days progressed. The days are imprinted rather than fleeting, to be reflected upon throughout the book.

The hand-drawn illustrations and lyrics, printed onto tracing paper, layer up to create a detailed composite representing the range of emotions explored throughout the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. Initially the imagery is complex, jumbled, and caliginous due to the layering of drawings and words. However, as the pages turn, the imagery gets clearer and more comprehensible, representing the gradual acceptance of a different reality as time passed.

The tracing paper allows the back and front of each illustration to be seen, showing a reflection of the images as the pages flip. The reflected image represents a new perspective that we were able to gain from each passing day; a slower world allowing extra contemplation.

Each handcrafted copy comes with a unique sleeve design designed by Grace Joyram.

Only 40 copies available.

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